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33 Email Templates every Small Business Needs

Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

June 30, 2015

Get instantly better at email with 33 of our best email scripts - ready to use today

Last year I randomly messaged Charlie Hoehn asking to work for him for free. After doing a couple gigs for him, he introduced me to Noah Kagan, and well now I get to bring you sweet products working for AppSumo :-)

Why did Charlie respond to me vs. the 100s of emails he receives? I made it short, fun, and 100% about him.

We all know that email can help take your career, network, and your business to the next level. The problem is most of us suck at email and don't even realize it :-(

That's where the Sumo Email Templates come in.

The Sumo Email Templates gives you 33 of our most effective email scripts that you can swipe from us today.

These templates are the result of over 10 years of experience (sending 20 million emails a month!), examples of great emails we've personally received, and the psychology behind each great template so you can translate the lessons to your everyday writing.

They aren't just templates, they're training to help you improve your overall communication.

Now you can close your dream clients, frequently guest post on your favorite blog, and finally snag that dream job:

Click here to get 33 Sumo Email Templates for only $35. (that's like $1 per email!)

And this isn't just some lame eBook.

These templates come packaged in a sweet web app that lets you edit each email ad-lib style (with suggestions), save your changes, and open the email directly in your favorite email client:

Get our 33 best email templates for $35!

Each template comes with an example and story explaining the psychology behind it.

We even teach you how to save these templates directly in Gmail so you can reach out to mentors, close more sales, say no without looking like a jerk, and build partnerships that will transform your business - just by pressing 2 clicks!

Warning: If you fill out TPS reports all day, these templates are NOT for you. We write emails like we're talking to friends - that's why they get results. You might be able to use the psychology in your emails, but the templates will be way too informal for you.

The whole package includes 33 templates you can swipe today including:

  • How to cold email someone important
  • The exact email we use at AppSumo to get 6 figure partnerships
  • How to get featured in the press
  • How to guest post on a famous blog
  • How to land a killer job interview

and TONS more.

As if that wasn't enough, the app even includes a unique link you add to your signature so you can get anonymous feedback on your emails. How awesome is that?!

Get our 33 best email templates for $35!

Over 7,000 sumo-lings have already improved their emails using these scripts. Just check out what one Sumo-ling had to say:

Get our 33 best email templates for $35!

Even one well-crafted email could help you land a killer job, close a six-figure deal, or snag a lunch with your dream mentor. People pay hundreds of dollars for this kind of insight.

Instead you can snag the whole package for only $35!

Click here to grab all 33 email scripts for about a buck an email.


Starts In

Sumo Email Templates

  • 33 proven email templates that populate right into your mail client.
  • 10 Super Secret Email Strategies from Chief Sumo.
  • Video on how to use Gmail Canned Response.
  • 6 months free of FollowUp.cc Plus Plan.
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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