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Free yourself from social media hell

Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

March 24, 2017

Manage your business' social media accounts from one kickass dashboard

You know what I'm sick and tired of?

Well, yeah, the news.

But I'm talking about managing multiple business' social media accounts.

I know social media is important, but boy is it time-consuming.

And it's too valuable a resource to just hire a college intern ("But I'm a Communications major!").

Luckily, AppSumo discovered eClincher.

Lifetime Access to eClincher

eClincher is a social media management app that helps you reach your social media goals while saving you a ton of time (so you can get back to growing your business).

If you're an agency that manages 11 or more social media accounts, this deal is not for you.

If you're a single business owner or blogger looking for a tool to handle your social media woes, this deal will be perfect!

eClincher saves you a ton of time by allowing you to control multiple social media accounts through one dashboard. (That's correct. No more logging into each individual site. You're welcome.)

Through one amazing dashboard, you can:

  • Simultaneously post live or schedule future posts on multiple accounts. View scheduled posts in eClincher's smart calendar.

  • View ALL of your social media feeds in one place. Do away with having a gazillion tabs open.

  • Monitor keywords/hashtags and engage with fans, friends, and potential new customers through replies, likes, comments, etc.

  • Analyze the performance of all your accounts. Use beautiful and easy-to-read charts to track posts, followers, impressions, and much more!

  • Create images and share GIFs with Canva and animated gif integration! You have access to 700k free images!

Lifetime Access to eClincher

Keep track of all scheduled posts with eClincher's smart calendar!

Ordinarily, eClincher's Sumo Plan costs $144 per year.

This plan allows users to connect up to 10 social profiles to its powerful dashboard.

And with the amount of time it saves you from not having to log on to 10 different social media platforms, $144/yr is a no-brainer.


As good as this product is at $144/yr, we got it for you at an even better price.

If you sign up through this email, you can get lifetime access to eClincher's Sumo Plan for just $49!

All of my social media accounts managed for just $49, AppSumo?

That's right, Sumo-ling!

Click here to manage your social media accounts for LIFE with eClincher!

Lifetime Access to eClincher

Some of you Sumo-lings may already be using the competition, but that's probably because the other guys came out with a similar product first.

But just because they released their product first doesn't mean it's better. (Ask yourself, "do I really enjoy using *competitor's name*?")

What we can tell you is eClincher has put a lot of thought into the development of their product. (With a lot of features being suggestions from customers.)

For example, because all platforms post differently, eClincher will show you a preview of your post on each platform. (Most other guys don't do this.)

All eClincher accounts come with access to their mobile app.

eClincher also offers a Content Curation and RSS feed. (Best of both worlds.)

eClincher has made its product both robust and easy-to-use.

Lifetime Access to eClincher

Viewing/monitoring accounts should always be this simple.

The bottom line is, your social media presence will improve, you'll gain followers, and you'll increase engagement by using eClincher.


You are not beating that.

And since you can't beat it, you might as well join it!

Get your lifetime access to eClincher now!

Lifetime Access to eClincher Sumo Plan

  • Connect and manage 10 social accounts you want (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Blogger)
  • Schedule up to 2,000 posts per month
  • Engage, like, comment, DM, follow, and much more
  • Live feeds of all your connected social accounts
  • Monitoring hashtags and keywords
  • The Easy Feeds feature includes both Content Curation and RSS feeds
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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