The deal to FINALLY make your website mobile and badass...within minutes.

Mobile is the future. 94% of smartphone users search for local information on their phone and 90% of them take action as a result...here’s how DudaMobile can bring you those people...





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Raise your hand if you have a website, but it’s not mobile-friendly.

*Looks around at sumo-lings*

If your hand is still down, you can walk away. For the others, let’s keep this simple:

58% of Americans conduct mobile searches more than three times a day.

94% of local searches are made on mobile devices and 90% of those searches result in action (making a purchase or contacting the business).

61% of mobile visitors call that business and 59% visit the business.

But there’s something about those numbers you should know: THEY MEAN NOTHING UNLESS YOU’RE MOBILE-OPTIMIZED.

When you’re out with your friends, hungry, and searching for a restaurant that’s still open, what’s your BIGGEST pet peeve?


And what happens after you see their size .5 font?

I use my fingers to try and make the font bigger...but that takes FOREVER and it’s ANNOYING...”

And what happens after you get annoyed?

I look for another restaurant...one where I can ACTUALLY make sense of their mobile site...”


If you’re a business owner, you do NOT want people leaving your site ‘cause it sucks.

Fortunately, today’s Premium Plan from DudaMobile can help you mobily optimize your site to prevent those situations. This way people actually call and visit your business.

DudaMobile will take your pre-existing website and optimize it for mobile devices. It literally takes a few steps:

1. Plug your URL into a button and click “make my site mobile.”

2. Select a free, badass theme.

3. Edit the features you want on your site - how everything’s listed, what buttons you want where, if you want a photo gallery, etc.

4. Your mobile site goes live and is optimized on mobile devices.

5. Get money.

“...wait what? It’s THAT simple!?”

Yeah, but they don’t stop there. DudaMobile also:

Gives you unlimited pages to make mobile.

Gives you unlimited bandwidth.

Makes your mobile site free of ads.

Lets you customize your own footer.

Lets you use your own mobile URL.

Gives you phenomenal email support (you seriously will rarely use this).

Gives you mobile site analytics - track traffic and visitors.

Gives you a click-to-call button.

Gives you map and directions features.

Is for all mobile devices - android, iphone, blackberry, windows mobile.

Is WordPress friendly.

In other words: they’ll make sure you’re on top of your mobile game.

Now, they typically offer these services monthly for $9/month...which is pretty damn cheap if you think about it...but that’s STILL too expensive for us cool sumos.

Instead, we’ve partnered with them to give you a year their Premium Plan...for ONLY $44.20 for an entire year!

That’s a mobile-optimized site, with an arsenal of tools...for ONLY $44.20! We dare you to find an easier, better deal...

So if you’re ready to capture that 58% of American mobile search traffic, then I urge you to grab this deal today. Mobile optimization is the future and it’s a shift you don’t want to miss out on.

Click the “Buy Now” button at the bottom of the page to get your codes today!


The “my eyes are too small to read unoptimized size .5 font on my iphone” sumo.

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