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You're being severely underpaid. Let's fix that

Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

May 5, 2015

Get paid what you deserve using the actionable strategies in the Double Your Freelancing Rate complete course

My friend Kelly is a brilliant designer. So when my friend Christina needed some small design work done, I immediately sent her to Kelly.

But instead of taking advantage of this referral, she offered to do the work for free ::facepalm::

Kelly wants to be a profitable freelancer, but she severely undervalues her services. She has no clue how to charge what she's worth, find new clients, or grow her business.

So instead she works at a large agency doing minor tweaks for mediocre pay :-(

That's why when I ran into the Double Your Freelancing Rate course and its focus on increasing your value as a freelancer, I immediately sent it her way.

Double Your Freelancing Rate is your complete business-in-a-box for freelancers. Between the books, videos, and templates, it has everything you need to build your profitable freelancing business.

Normally this complete package would cost you $299, but in this AppSumo exclusive (limited to only 3,000 sumo-lings), you can grab it for only $99!

Click here and learn how to Double Your Freelancing Rate today.

Perfect for all kinds of freelancers, DYFR has helped nearly 7,000 people grow their business over the past three years. This course will walk you through (in extreme detail) how to:

  • Find and qualify new clients so your pipeline stays full
  • Ask the right questions so your customers are begging for your services
  • Price yourself including a formula for determining your value-based rate
  • Close deals using word-for-word scripts, emails, and proposal templates
  • Graduate from freelancer to studio using retainers, productized services and more

Using these techniques, DYFR student, Miles S, was able to increase his rate from $100/hour to $6,000/week, and with a 4.53 goodreads.com rating, you know the content is good:

You're being severely underpaid. Let's fix that.

This complete course includes a ton of awesome lessons and resources including:

  • 168-page actionable ebook
  • 6 hours of video case studies from freelancers
  • 60-day interactive follow-up course
  • Nine ready-to-go templates and scripts
  • Sales Process Flowchart
  • First Meeting Template
  • 7 questions to ask every client before each proposal
  • Master Service Contract/NDA

and TONS more:

You're being severely underpaid. Let's fix that.

Just one of the many scripts included in this course

After you're making a few grand per month even the regular price of $299 will seem like a steal.

Instead, we partnered with him to bring you the insane deal of lifetime access to his course for only $99 (that's 67% off!)

Click here and Double Your Freelancing Rate today.

P.S. This deal is limited to only 3,000 sumo-lings so get it now before it sells out.

Double Your Freelancing Rate

  • Lifetime access to Double Your Freelancing Rate.
  • Includes 169 page actionable eBook to guide you through the course in PDF, ePUB, and Mobi formats.
  • 6 hours of video with 14 student interviews in various freelancing fields (design, development, marketing, SEO, etc.)
  • 60 day interactive follow-up course.
  • 9 ready-to-go templates and scripts including proposal templates, first client meeting agenda, and statement of work template.
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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