The Only Copywriting Course You Will Ever Need (Video Course)

Changing some words on your page can often result in 2x, 3x, 10x increases in performance. Learn to write so that people READ... and BUY.





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Soooo you've read articles online about improving conversion rates by changing headlines and copy.

It's true... it does work. I'll show you:

AppSumo is a web-based company that constantly improves its users lives through strategic discounts on needed products for startups and business users.


This fat-ass Sumo sends you one MASSIVE money-saving deal on tech stuff for startups (like apps and software)... everyday.

Which one was easier to understand (and possibly more offensive)?

You're right, the second one. That's 'cause it doesn't contain all the bloated "buzzwords" most businesses use. I mean, WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU WRITE LIKE THAT?

Ok ok, the above example was a cheap-shot example. How about some proof that words on the page make MORE MONEY? How 'bout this for proof:

There was an article in the New York Times called "Groupon's Fate Hinges on Words".

The article goes on to say how Groupon is OBSESSIVE over what they write on their deal pages... because after millions of split tests, they've shown that the right words can DRAMATICALLY INCREASE THEIR CONVERSION RATES (aka mo' monaaayy when they send out a deal).

Ok, so one of the fastest growing companies ever places MASSSSSIVE emphasis on the words on the page.

This tells us words MIGHT be important... uber important.

Now there is a well-documented science behind writing like this. Many people attempt to write in this fashion, but don't know how to sell correctly.

Biggg mistake young Sumo-ling.

Fortunately there are formulas, tricks and tactics to use that will change even the most BS-marketing-sounding copy into stuff people listen to, understand, and are persuaded to buy.

The Chief "Non-Boring Copy Writing Because Boring Writing Sucks" Sumo

P.S. Even AppSumo has seen DRAMATIC increases in conversion rates based on copy... and most people think it's cause "we write funny stuff". WRONG. We follow a science behind each email and piece of copy that's proven to SELL. This course will show you how.

P.P.S. Check out what some people say about this copywriting style:

"Dude!! You're like the Charlie Sheen of copywriting... well Charlie Sheen before he got fired like BBQ."
-Melvin T (AppSumo customer)

"...this is consistently the best damn copy I have ever read... entertaining, engaging, persuasive."
--Vernon T. (AppSumo customer)

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