Who wants a personal assistant for your inbox?

We all know the fear of losing touch with a lead or a client. Contactually will remind you of relationships you need to follow up with, automatically.





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Psssst... hey...

Yeah you... the freelancing guy who needs a better way to manage all your contacts and build relationships automagically.

Meaning, a better way to stay in touch with past clients so they shoot work your way first before considering anyone else.

You know what I’m talking about. A personal assistant per se, to remind you, “HEY! You haven’t connected with [enter name here] in a while, why don’t you reach out to them?!?”

Running your freelancing career doesn’t have to be hard. It’s ALL about building relationships and staying in constant contact so that your clients - the ones who pay you the big bucks - always keep you in mind.

But if you’re not reminding them that you should always be in their frontal lobes whenever they need work done, then you’re losing out.

It’s alright Sumo-ling, it can be difficult, I know. But that’s why this Sumo stumbled upon, or rather, got slapped in the face by, one of my sales team, and was told to wake the hell up - Sumo-lings need Contactually.

You see, Contactually is this super smart personal assistant for your email contacts. Think Siri, except without the annoying voice, and who reminds you to do things without you having to ask them.

So let’s say you’re out and about, and meet Sally, who could potentially be handing out work that you’re perfect for.

You exchange contact info, and then get in touch with Sally to tell her that you’re ready, able, and willing to get some work done.

Even though Sally may not have anything for you right now, it doesn’t mean she won’t have something in a couple of months.

Contactually automatically KNOWS that Sally is pretty important, and will send you a friendly email reminder to follow up with her after some time has passed.

Not only that, but Contactually will also pull up ALL relevant information on Sally that it’s gathered from social networks and the web, so when you’re reminded to follow up, you know exactly who they are.

Simple, elegant, and more cost effective than hiring this Sumo to do the same thing.

Here’s the crazy thing, Contactually gets better over time as it analyzes your emails and how often you’re sending them out. Simple enough to understand, right?

Well, you could start getting reminders of important people that you haven’t even thought about contacting within 2 days!

“In the first two days using Contactually, it suggested that I follow-up with some people whom I had not thought of reaching out for in a while. In every case it generated a great response for me. As my buckets get sorted the effectiveness will get even better. However, the amazing thing is that before I even did any sorting, it recognized important and valuable opportunities for me.”

— Kenneth B. Baris, Jordan Baris, Inc., Realtors

Trust me, if you could give Contactually a raise for helping you make more money and build relationships, you’d tell it to shut up and take your money.

Whooooaaa... it gets even better, Sumo-ling. You can use Contactually as a lightweight CRM!

Right right, CRM’s aren’t known for their easy use, are big and clunky, and it’s another tool that you need to log into to use, but Contactually takes the place of a full fledged CRM and more importantly takes the pain out of entering all the contact details manually.

So you just keep emailing, and Contactually will do the rest.

Basically, if you send out a ton of emails and need help to manage all the people you contact, and stay engaged with the ones who slip off the radar, then you need Contactually.

Contactually already has awesome pricing for their Freelancer Plan, which goes for $15/month, which gets you:

  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Unlimited follow up reminders
  • Connects with all social networks

We’re going a step further and giving you 6 months of Contactually’s Freelancer Plan for only $39, so you can date Siri’s sexier cousin who does everything better.

The “Contact Eating” Chief Sumo

P.S. - Here Are Some Happy Contactually Users

Thanks again for the awesome work! I’ve already gotten back to a few people that I didn’t think would be expecting to hear from me, and were very happy to receive a follow-up. Also, thanks to you guys, I got back to a contact I was avoiding and finally got that stone off my chest :)

— Evgenia Grinblo, Designer

Holy Smokes. @Contactually is already blowing my mind & it has been 1 min since I opened it for the first time.

— Aliza Sherman, Web Pioneer & Digital Strategist

If you want to grow your CRE biz, this is a great email tool for prospecting and keeping in touch with clients.

— @BrokerRoster, Real Estate Broker Community

P.P.S. - Contactually works with any IMAP email service (Gmail, Yahoo, Google Apps, iCloud, etc) and most Microsoft Exchange accounts without having to download another email client or install any plugins.

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