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Are you scared of commitment?

Chris Schelzi
Chris Schelzi

November 10, 2016

Code4Startup is paying it forward by teaching Sumo-lings how to web develop for FREE

Does your relationship with coding fall into the 'it's complicated' category?

You fooled around a bit, learned some basic HTML and CSS, but when it came time to commit, you got cold feet.

I know, I get it. Learning to actually code something worth showing off seems time-consuming and scary.

But, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be.

Code4Startup is going to hold your hand through the development process.

Code4Startup Marketplace Course

Code4Startup was sent to earth to teach you how to code and create a two-sided marketplace (a platform that brings buyers and sellers together) in 6 hours!

As long as you have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and programming, you'll be able to dominate in this kick-ass course.

Code4Startup takes your basic coding knowledge and puts it to use with a hands-on approach (not that kind, Bill) to web developing.

In this course, you’ll create a two-sided marketplace (Think: Fiverr), using Python Django and Braintree (a payment gateway).

From initial setup to final execution in 6 hours!

Once you develop this skill-set, you'll be able to leverage it into your very own application!

Code4Startup Marketplace Course

To get access to this kind of knowledge, you're usually forking over $39 every month.

But, this deal right here...

This deal right here, my hombre...

This deal is bringing you the course for free.99! (This is the best free.99 offer since Kanye’s Workout Plan!)

That's 100% off for all you non-math majors.

Lifetime access to 50 training videos for $0.

This won’t last long.

Get your FREE Code4Startup course now!

Code4Startup Marketplace Course

(Join Anish and Davide.)

This course is fantastic for anyone who wants to create an MVP and build their very own startup!

Not only are you learning how to build a marketplace, you’re also learning the easiest way to accept payments with your Django web applications!

This course uses real projects with multiple tasks for certain functions and stages.

You'll learn exactly what you need to know and won’t waste your time with things you don’t.

Real. Quick. Efficient.

That’s what you’re getting with Code4Startup.

Code4Startup Marketplace Course

(Just one of fourteen tasks you’ll master.)

Don’t waste your money trying to learn something that we are giving you for free.

Get this deal before it’s gone.

Like, now.


Join the course by clicking here!

FREE  $200

Starts In

Free Lifetime Access to Code4Startup Fiverr Course

  • Lifetime access to the course with 50 videos (6 hours)
  • Learn to create Fiverr with Python 3 & Django

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