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Make money on the phone without talking dirty

Olman Quesada
Olman Quesada

May 19, 2017

CallPage puts you on the phone with potential customers in less than 28 seconds

How often are you on a website, interested in a product or service and ready to buy but have a few questions.

You don't feel like calling in and getting placed on hold, or worse, sending an email to wait for an answer.

By then you already found another solution or simply lost interest and forgot.

Your customers want to buy and they want to buy now. Help them and close the sale quicker by speaking to them when they're most likely to make a decision. Right now.

Meet CallPage.

CallPage's widgets and CTAs engage website visitors and give them an opportunity to chat immediately with your company's reps.

CallPage drastically increases the number of calls you receive from website visitors. (We are talking from 30% to 125%!)

How does it do this?

By offering a call back within 28 seconds. (In a world of instant notifications and the "I want it right now" mentality, CallPage delivers.)

Because you are able to talk to customers on the phone, CallPage will also help you build a solid rapport with your customers. (Sure, the conversation started out with how your product will benefit them, but now you are talking about where little Erika and Timmy hope to go to college one day.)

While building the rapport with customers, CallPage records the conversation so you analyze what went well and what can be improved upon. (Or you can just listen to how weird your voice sounds through a recording.)

CallPage doesn't just record calls. CallPage also shows you call history and customer info, lets you check call history for each advertising channel, and analyze the performance of each traffic source.

Lifetime Access to CallPage

Analyze key data from your CallPage dashboard!

There are a few different package options that CallPage offers.

But, the one you care about is the CallPage AppSumo Plan.

This plan includes 50 calls per month with unlocked features of the Enterprise plan:

  • 50 calls per months on unlimited domains

  • Fully customizable widget (including texts and custom colors)

  • Custom SMS notifications to thank customers and give them the contact info of the terrific rep they were just talking to

  • Advanced statistics and analytics

  • Worldwide phone calls (time to dust off that Spanish dictionary of yours)

  • Support Chat and e-mail support

  • Many other Enterprise features (which means more cool stuff!)

Lifetime Access to CallPage

If you were to take a stab at the cost for this plan, you'd probably guess this would be worth at least $600/year.

And you'd be right.

But, because Sumo-lings are the best group of people out there, we are bringing you lifetime access to this plan for only $39!

That's right, get excited!

For less than one Ulysses S. Grant, you can increase sales forever!

Start schmoozing customers for only $39!

Think you'll need more than 50 calls a month? Buy this deal up to 4 times to get up to 150 calls/month!

Lifetime Access to CallPage

This deal is PURE GOLD!

These are the country phone numbers supported right now. More are being added every week:

Lifetime Access to CallPage

Lifetime Access to CallPage

Soon you'll be able to integrate with Book Like a Boss too!

Lifetime Access to CallPage

Lifetime Access to CallPage

Sliding into customer's texts with custom SMS texts will keep your business on their mind ;)

CallPage works in four simple steps:

  1. Website visitor clicks CallPage button on your website.

  2. Visitor puts phone number in the pop-up.

  3. CallPage automatically connects rep with the potential customer.

  4. Rep seals the deal. (Make that money!)

Simple enough, right?

Now, if you were to use similar tools, you'll notice that the callbacks they promise to deliver are in 24 hours and not 28 seconds. (24 hours? Really? I can't even remember what I was doing 7 hours ago and you want to call me a day later to talk about your product? No thanks.)

According to research (done by very important people with clipboards), sales reps who contact a lead within 5 minutes are 100x more likely to get prospect on the phone than those who wait 30 minutes.

CallPage helps you conquer the market with immediate customer support.

With these CTAs, customers will feel wanted and appreciated.

CallPage does a fantastic job of grabbing your website visitor's attention and providing them with a simple and engaging CTA that really encourages people to order a call.

And these calls lead to big bucks.

Lifetime Access to CallPage

We can all use big bucks.

So, do yourself a solid and grab this deal!

Again, access to the CallPage AppSumo plan would normally cost you $600+ a year, but if you click the link in this email, you can get that plan for life paying $39 once!

Get lifetime access to CallPage right here!

P.S. Calls made through CallPage are set up as incoming for both parties, so there aren't any additional charges, just a one time purchase of this deal and you're good forever :)

Lifetime Access to CallPage AppSumo Plan

  • 50 calls per month total on unlimited domains
  • 5 consultants
  • SMS & e-mail notifications
  • Unlimited widgets
  • Worldwide phone calls
  • Custom SMS notifications
  • Calling from business phone number
  • Customized text, colors & pop-ups
  • 1 call = up to 30 mins (31-60 mins = 2 calls)
  • Call counts after 10 seconds
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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