How to design WordPress themes, then sell them for passive income

This book will teach you how to develop your own custom WordPress themes...then it ALSO teaches you how to SELL your themes for passive income.





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"Top WordPress theme designers earn a passive income of $10 - 25K per month! Read our new book and you too can grab a slice of that cake!"

That's one grabbing headline eh?

It happens to be the whole theme of this Sitepoint book on WordPress theme design.

The book goes through two stages:

FIRST PART) How to build custom WordPress themes

--then it switches gears--

SECOND PART) How to get the most monaaaay from your themes on the top WordPress marketplaces.

Sitepoint resources (like this eBook) are known through the whole nerd-community as one of the top places to go for learning new tech stuff. So you know this WordPress manual is the highest grade quality you can buy.

By the end of this book you'll be designing WordPress themes out the wazoo (Sumo's have extra-large wazoo's), and then you'll also be taught the proven ways the top designers sell their themes.

Not a bad set of skillz to have eh?

Now you can buy this eBook anytime for $30...but us Sneaky Sumos found a way to get it for WAY less JUST FOR TODAY.

So if you wanna learn to develop your own Wordpress themes...AND how to sell the hell out of them...THIS is your calling!

P.S. A lot of people float the "passive income" idea around...and this is actually a great method. Every time your theme sells on a marketplace, you ::cha-chiiing:: without having to fulfill the order yourself.

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