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Chief Sumo here.

I want to tell you a little story about a bug.

Now, this story has a beginning and a middle, but no end.

Sounds like it’s going to be a pretty crappy story, right?

Well it’s not. Because Chief Sumo is telling the story. So sit back and imagine that I’m narrating in Morgan Freeman’s voice. Meow! (Did you “meow” in Morgan Freeman’s voice? Fun huh?)

There’s always a bug to be found in the wild forests of code. Some big, some small, but not all of them are always noticeable.

So after you’ve launched, say, your mobile application, it helps to have your users send back reports on any bugs they encounter.

Assuming they actually send reports. Assuming they even have the ability to send reports.

Luckily, that’s what BugSense is for.

It’s a super-simple, real-time bug tracking service for Android, iOS, and even WP7 mobile platforms.

Just add the BugSense library and write 1 line of code. That’s it.

You’ll then stop having to wonder why your app crashed. No more waiting for crash reports in the app stores!

Screw waiting for your reports from the App Store or Marketplace.

You’ll be able to get insights to the errors whenever a bug is found out in the wild.

Was wifi on? What was SDK version? Which phone models did it occur on?

You’ll get the full report and conditions so you (or your dev team) can accurately identify the cause and make your users happy with quicker bug fix turnaround times.

Here are some of the features you’ll love about using BugSense:

-Don't go through endless error logs. Search for the error you want to track, filter per application version, focus on a country. BugSense's advanced search will help you find faster the information you want so that you can focus on your app, not your bugs.

Fix Notification
-You fixed your bugs and released! Users don't update though. The older version crashes and you get 1 star. Notify the users that the error they just experienced is fixed and prompt them to update via any distribution channel you want!

Error Insights
-In order to debug a mobile app you need a lot of information-- e.g., was the device connected to the Internet at the time of the crash? Was GPS on? What was the screen size of the device? What version of the SDK was it running? Was it a device in China using a custom ROM? What was the locale of the user? And so on... BugSense gives you all the information you need so that you debug in a breeze.

-Error logs are great but graphs are even better. BugSense visualizes the error history of your application so that you can track problematic app versions and error spikes in a glance. Then get back to your code and release an improved version of you app.

ACRA Love (For Android Devs)
-Maybe you have already started using ACRA to track exceptions in your Android application. It works smoothly, but you’re still using a Google Spreadsheet to read your bug reports. Seriously? Now you can use BugSense as the backend solution for your ACRA enabled app. Simply awesome.

It goes without saying that people are a little bit impatient when it comes to getting things fixed.

BugSense helps you get feedback faster so you can started on fixes right away... or at least sooner than most people, and sometimes that’s all it takes to go from a 1 star to a 5.

And this Sumo would like you to get started on fixing your apps quicker because I’m getting frustrated with some buggy apps myself...

We picked up this Indie Plan from BugSense which normally runs for $228 for a year ($19/mo) and SQUASHED the price down 50%!

Yup, Sumo-lings only pay $114 ($9.50/mo) for the entire year to get real-time bug tracking and reports so you can make some real-time fixes and be that much more loved by your users :-)

This BugSense deal won’t stick around very long and neither will your frustrated-by-bugs users, so get your access to this real-time error tool TODAY before the clock runs out and you end up with the unhappy ending to this whole story.

The “Bug In My Teeth” Chief Sumo

P.S. Indie Plan comes with:

  • Unlimited apps
  • Up to 25,000 errors/month
  • 30-days data retention
  • Filtering
  • 2 Viewers
  • Fix notifications


Will BugSense consume any resources?
No. BugSense installs a special exception handler that consumes no resources at all.

How do I install BugSense in my app?
It is pretty simple: Download the BugSense plugin, import it into your project and add 1 line of code. Read the docs to get all the details.

How easy is it to remove BugSense from my application?
Unplugging is easy. Simply remove our plugin from your application and delete the line that imports it. But we really think you won't want to...

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