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What if I Googled your name right now?

Anton Sepetov
Anton Sepetov

May 9, 2013

With BrandYourself, you control what people see when they Google you

Be honest with me ...

When's the last time you Googled your own name?

I'll confess: I Google my name pretty often. Don't lie, I'm sure you do too ;-)

Here's something funny I just found after Googling myself:

All of the participants in the Geography Bee were also recognized. The top school winner, who moves on to the next level, was sixth grader Justin Anderson. The finalists included Anton Sepetov (8th).

I don't ever remember a 6th grader beating 8th-grade me in the Geography Bee ... damn it!

If you're not like me and don't Google yourself weekly, you should.

Click here to Google yourself now.

Do you like your own Google results?

This is who sees those results all the time:

  • A potential client to work with
  • The guy hiring you for your new job
  • That special someone you just met

It’s the first impression someone gets when they want to know who you are online.

And if your name is so common that people can't find you, you're not leaving any impression. Even worse, if your results don't portray you in a good light, you're leaving a negative impression which can hurt you big-time.

What if you could control what people see when they Google your name?

BrandYourself gives you the power to manage your Google search results.

It lets you:

  • Pick which profiles/links you want higher on Google
  • Track your progress and get alerts whenever your results change
  • Find out who’s Googling you and finding you online

You can spend hours upon hours of time trying to figure out how to do this manually, but BrandYourself guides you and easily shows you what you need to do to control your own Google search results.

Here’s exactly how it works:

Step 1: Submit any profiles/links you want on your first page of Google

So say you want your personal website on the first page, or your Twitter profile. This is where you decide.

Here's where I submitted the links I want on the first page of Google:

My links I want on the first page

Dang it, I want my LinkedIn profile higher!

Step 2: Follow BrandYourself's expert Boost Steps to help your links rank higher in Google

BrandYourself's software analyzes each link you submit and gives you specific steps you can take to help them rank higher.

Since I do a lot of business through LinkedIn, I want to have my LinkedIn profile as my first result.

Here are the tips BrandYourself gives me to raise my profile:

The tips to raise my LinkedIn Profile

Looks like I have some work to do!

Step 3: Get alerted when your boosted links rise (take 2-6 weeks)

BrandYourself will alert you when an unidentified result appears on your first page of Google or any of your links rise or fall significantly, so you have full control of your online reputation.

Bonus: BrandYourself gives you the ability to create a beautiful BrandYourself profile automatically designed to rank high for your name.

A BrandYourself profile takes 60 seconds to make, looks great, and gives you info on who is Googling you. No joke.

Here's what mine looks like:

My BrandYourself Profile

It's free to use BrandYourself to boost 3 links and start improving your online reputation.

But if you really care about what people see when they Google you, BrandYourself has a premium plan which lets you:

  • Boost unlimited links to the top of Google
  • Apply a custom domain to your BrandYourself profile (I could use antonsepetov.com for my BrandYourself profile)
  • Get info about all of your profile visitors

I'm using BrandYourself Premium myself to manage my Google results. If that's not convincing enough, here's what just a couple of the thousands of happy users had to say:

I used BrandYourself to raise my patient's reviews higher in Google. Now more people are finding my website and joining my practice.

- Dr. David G., Doctor

For the first time in 5 years, there’s nothing misleading about me on the 1st page of Google. You cannot imagine what a relief that is.

- Sarah M.

Normally, a year of BrandYourself Premium is $79.99.

Because I want all you sumo-lings looking great when you're Googled, for the next 5 days only, you can get a year of BrandYourself Premium for only $25 (that's almost 70% off!).

That's only $25 to completely manage what people see when they Google you, which online reputation companies regularly charge thousands of dollars for.

P.S. Did you find anything funny/embarrassing after Googling yourself? Share it below and the top 3 comments (vote by marking as helpful) will be upgraded to lifetime accounts.

$25  $79.99

Starts In

One year of BrandYourself Premium

  • Boost unlimited links to the top of your Google results to bury unwanted results.
  • Get data on all the people who have found you online.
  • Custom Domain: apply a custom domain like "johnsmith.com" to your BrandYourself profile to improve its rank.
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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