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We are opening our Kimono -- Today Only

Daniel Yoo
Daniel Yoo

November 22, 2012

12 Amazing specials for 24 hours only

Happy Thanksgiving! (Happy Day to everyone else)

For me, this Thanksgiving is special for many reasons:

  1. My parents no longer have to support me financially.
  2. My mom is in charge of the whole meal (she only cooks on Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving)
  3. My older brother and I have become much closer since living together in Austin.

I also added something new to the list: AppSumo. Let me explain why.

I don’t consider AppSumo a job. It is a lifestyle. A group collaboration. A place where I get to work with the smartest, most talented people to do a beautiful thing - help others succeed and ultimately, become happier.

Never have I witnessed nor experienced such constructive growth and wisdom than I have at AppSumo. From sourcing deals, to creating web features, to assisting customers, we literally work hand in hand on everything. And ‘good’ is NEVER acceptable, only great. For this opportunity to grow, learn, and collaborate, I am truly thankful. (Thanks Noah!)

I, along with the other sumos, are also thankful for you. That’s right, you. It’s you who put food on our tables. It’s you who keeps us motivated every day. And it’s you who are truly, remarkably, awesome.

Instead of just saying thanks, we figured we’d do something extra special for you. No, we’re not going to bring back awesome, expired deals. No, we’re not going to discount our best deals even more. And no, we’re not going to have an all-day special...

PSYCH. That’s EXACTLY what we’re doing.

Starting 12A.M. C.S.T. today (Friday, November 23rd) we’re running a marathon of our all-time best 12 products. Each deal will only be available every 2 hours - so time your shopping and pigging-out-rituals accordingly. Old deals will be revived and a lot of our deals will be at a more special price. Here’s a schedule (all times are CST) and price list:

That’s right, your Thanksgiving just got a lot cooler.

Finish up your turkey, spread the good news, and get some rest.

Daniel Yoo
Customer Happiness Sumo

PS - What are you thankful for? Comment below.