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Proposals designed to seal the deal

Olman Quesada
Olman Quesada

June 19, 2017

Less than 1,900 codes left for an opportunity to close more clients

What'd you do last week?

Like a bunch of Instagram selfies? Binge-watch GOT? Send funny memes to your group chat?

Me too.

But we also brought Sumolings an incredible deal to Better Proposals.

Better Proposals is used by creatives and service businesses to create magnificent web-based proposals.

These aren't your grandpa's proposals.

With Better Proposals, you'll impress clients by sending them customized and branded proposals (YOUR company logo, colors, etc.). You can even throw in an embedded video!

Even better, creating proposals doesn't take long because Better Proposals has some sweet templates.

Lifetime Access to Better Proposals

Lifetime Access to Better Proposals

Lifetime Access to Better Proposals

If Better Proposals doesn't have the template you're looking for, just copy and paste what you normally use into Better Proposals (you can then save it as a template).

You're not just getting awesome proposals, you're getting instant notifications and in-depth analytics.

You will instantly know when someone has opened, forwarded, printed, or signed your proposal as well as how long a client has spent reading a particular page. (Pop in with a, "Hey, Jake, any questions about page 3?")

Over 4,000 Sumolings have bought and are loving Better Proposals:

Lifetime Access to Better Proposals

Lifetime Access to Better Proposals

Lifetime Access to Better Proposals

Better Proposals is the Mariano Rivera of proposals. (Good analogy for baseball fans, bad analogy for literally everyone else.)

The proposals you create with Better Proposals will have clients close faster and more consistently. (How do we know? It is worked for us!)

Lifetime Access to Better Proposals

This special AppSumo deal lets you send 30 proposals per month with the majority of features from its Starter Plan. (This deal is valued at $348/yr.)

But, if you're able to get your code before they sell out, you only have to make one small payment.

That small payment?


$39 gets you lifetime access, which includes all current features and everything on their roadmap (new templates, new features, and integrations will be available within the next 90 days!).

Lifetime Access to Better Proposals

But, like we said, these codes are slipping away fast, so you better grab yours before they're all gone.

Click here now for a lifetime of Better Proposals!

P.S. This is the last time you will ever see this deal - no exceptions!

$39  $1,740

Starts In

Lifetime Access to Better Proposals' AppSumo Plan

  • Send up to 30 proposals a month
  • One user
  • Turn off Better Proposals branding (can include affiliate link if on)
  • Custom branding - Unlimited brand/logo in one account
  • Detailed analytics reporting
  • Export to PDF
  • Lifetime updates on included features plus integrations with Salesflare (CRM) and Billy (Invoicing app)
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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