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Create banners. For life.

Olman Quesada
Olman Quesada

December 4, 2016

HTML5 banner creation ain’t ever been this easy

A recent Harvard study has shown that advertisers have more success when their HTML5 banners don’t suck.

This revolutionary study has caused many advertisers to rethink their banner creation strategy.

How, you ask?

With Bannerwise.

Bannerwise is kick ass platform for creating, managing and optimizing animated and static HTML5 banners.

Let me ask you something…

Do you like saving time? (Resounding “heck yeah!”)

Well, that’s great because Bannerwise will save you up to 90% of the time you would normally spend creating banners! (Bring on the extracurricular activities!)

Bannerwise is able to save you so much time for a few reasons:

  1. Intuitive interface - WYSIWYG editor requires NO coding. (You hear that, technically challenged people? No coding!)

  2. Algorithms - Create 1 banner and automatically generate your complete animated HTML5 banner set.

  3. Manager - Simultaneous make changes to you entire banner set in just one click. (Quickly create multiple versions of a banner and effortlessly A/B test creatives to improve ROI.)

  4. Templates - 100+ customizable templates!

Lifetime Membership to the Bannerwise Starter Plan

Customer wants you to make edits? No problem! Knock out 7 banners in a jiff!

Ordinarily, Bannerwise’s Starter Plan will cost you over $1,000 per year.

However, Bannerwise and AppSumo have a terrific relationship (we've been using them for our cool FB ads).

So when the Bannerwise genies asked us what we wanted for Christmas - we wished for a monstrous deal for our Sumo-lings!

What kind of monstrous deal?

A lifetime deal for only $49!

I know you're in disbelief right now, but we need you to focus!

This deal won’t last long. Meaning…

You need to get it now!

Get lifetime access to Bannerwise Starter plan for only $49!

Here’s what the Bannerwise bandwagon is saying:

Lifetime Membership to the Bannerwise Starter Plan

Even ING named Bannerwise 2015 Starter of the Year!

If you’re shopping around, you’ve probably seen some of the free alternatives. While we are big fans of free, there are a few things you should know.

The free alternatives are very limited in formats they provide.

And if you’re concerned about sustaining your company’s branding, you might be out of luck with the lack of fonts or colors available. (Bannerwise allows you to upload custom font types.)

In regards to some of the paid alternatives, Bannerwise has more (and higher quality) options for HTML5 animated banners than the competition. Plus you're not forced to publishing on their platform - you can create banners for any and every network you want.

It also has a smart algorithm that will copy and optimize your banner design from one format to the next!

Last but not least, Bannerwise is compatible with Google Adwords among other popular self-service networks.

Lifetime Membership to the Bannerwise Starter Plan

So many templates!

Sumo-lings, do yourself a solid and get Bannerwise today.

With just a few hours in saved time this deal will pay for itself!

Stop stalling.

Get lifetime access to Bannerwise Starter Plan for $49 now!

Note - With this deal you can create both animated and static banners.

$49  $2,844

Starts In

Lifetime Membership to the Bannerwise Starter Plan

  • Access to 100+ animated HTML5 banner templates
  • Compatible with the most popular self-service networks including Google Adwords
  • Up to 25 banner downloads every month (you can create as many templates as you want)
  • 1 ad size download (leaderboard, skyscraper) = 1 download
  • Export/download animated as well as static banners as HTML5, GIF and jpg
  • Animated Banners included
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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