Get the Backstory on your visitors and change your site's content on the fly

When you see how you can start delivering a unique experience to each one of your site visitors, you’ll wonder why this isn’t baked into every website out there.





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When we got with the guys at Backstory and checked out their service... well, it kind of blew this Sumo’s mind away. Even more so than a Mardi Gras all-you-can-eat-buffet 50% discount.

You see, it takes time and a whole lotta money to build a website, get the word out, attract customers, and make sales. That’s a given.

You’re spending buttloads of money on your online marketing but there’s no simple way to track your visitors and change your content for each type of visitor.

But what if I told you that you could change the content on your site at anytime...

...anywhere on the site... targeted specifically for certain visitors, on the fly?

“That’s stupid, Big Sumo, the web designers would die of exhaustion, the servers would explode from too many requests, and there is just absolutely no way ANYONE could track that!”

Yep, you’re absolutely right Sumo-ling. There’s just no way we could get the manpower to do so.

And you’re absolutely wrong that it’s stupid, because you CAN do these things... and more. Let me tell you how...

You see, Backstory lets any website owner personalize the visitor’s experience and increase engagements.

How? By tracking certain things like:

  • Which page they’re coming from
  • Social actions (Likes, Tweets, Pins)
  • Where they live
  • Visit History
  • Date/Time
  • Search Terms
  • And even if they’re using a mobile device

“Yeah? So what, Fat Sumo? That’s basic information.”

Ah... here’s where the magic Sumo taco sauce gets laid on Sumo-ling...

Guide Visitors To Checkout
So if you notice that people are buying after the third visit, on the west coast, and sales are usually being made around 4:30 PM (the Magic Slack-off hour)...

You can then set specific rules around these metrics to target those people and provide a discount code or offer to encourage them to purchase.

Seize That Social Traffic
Does your marketing consist of Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest? Encourage your visitors coming in from those social sites with a special discount and ask them to Like, Follow, or Pin you right away, all up front and center. It’s a great way to capture that social traffic and spread the word to build your customer base.

Find Out How Effective Your Online Ads Are
Change your phone number or email address for people coming in from paid online ads or promotions, to track who and how many are actually converting into customers.

There are hundreds of ways you can use Backstory to improve your customer experience and increase your customer base, it just depends on how creative you can get. Don’t worry, with all the information Backstory provides on your visitors, you’ll never run out of ideas.

It’s easy to get started, you just add a single line of code to your website and Backstory will immediately start tracking your site’s visitors.

While this Sumo’s mind was being blown away, our team snuck into Backstory’s offices and snuck off with a bag full of the Smaller Business Plans, and we’re giving them away for $69!

With the Smaller Business Plan you get:

  • 10 Rules to target your visitors with
  • 2 Domains to track
  • 180 Days of Data

That’s 6 months of visitor tracking and targeted content adaptation to customize your visitor experience and encourage sales!

I’m sure Backstory is tracking us right now so you better hurry and get your plan before they take it all back!

The “Baby Got Back” Chief Sumo

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