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Closing Time: Last chance to create awesome animations

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Olman Quesada
Olman Quesada

February 22, 2017

Damn Sumo-lings, y'all must love Animatron!

Last week, we brought our Animatron deal into your homes (i.e. your inboxes).

Animatron lets you easily create HTML5 animations, presentations, GIFs, videos, and more!

Sumo-lings of all animation skill levels are benefiting from this deal.

Beginners are able to crank out amazing animations with ready-to-use sets and simple tools like "drag-and-drop" with the Lite Mode.

For the professionals, there are advanced tools like Bone Tool, Pen Tool, Layers and the ability to disintegrate and edit objects and backgrounds.

Animatron comes with access to 100K HD videos, 200K photos, and 250K audio clips (includes loops, sfx and music).

You also get thousands of free assets (pre-animated characters and backgrounds, professionally designed and themed infographics, and more).

One Year Access to Animatron Business Plan

Animatron also offers a bunch custom-made and user-made projects that you can copy and modify as you please. So the blank canvas is no longer an excuse!

Have your own goodies you want to use? Import and edit your own content (svg, images, videos, fonts, etc.) with annotations, splices, or animated text.

You can even add in an entire voice over recording to your videos!

Hey money-lovers! Looking to add some cash to your bottom line? With this deal, you'll have full rights to create animations yourself and sell them to your clients!

This Animatron deal has been a hit with Sumo-lings:

One Year Access to Animatron Business Plan

One Year Access to Animatron Business Plan

One Year Access to Animatron Business Plan

One Year Access to Animatron Business Plan

This deal, which is regularly $60/month for regular, non-special people, includes:

  • Unlimited public and private projects free of watermark

  • 100GB storage

  • HD 1080 videos

  • 30 second GIFs

  • HTML5 DoubleClick/Adwords export

  • Access to 500k stock photos, videos & audio from VideoBlocks

  • Plus more!

However, Sumo-lings are getting this deal for only $49!

Not $49 for the month.

$49 for the year!

Animatron has even agreed to allow Sumo-lings to renew every year at the same price if you decide (no autorenew). (You'll be saving $311 every year!)

Hurry up and get your code before time runs out!

Click here for access to Animatron now!

$49 $360

Amount Remaining

One Year Access to Animatron Business Plan

  • Unlimited public and private projects with no watermark
  • 100GB storage, real-time collaboration, and 3rd-party transfer rights
  • Video export and import in 1080P HD
  • Export to Full HD video, GIF, HTML5, PNG, SVG. Upload directly to YouTube, Facebook and other channels
  • Full support for video inside your projects and hundreds of different effects
  • Commercial rights: Sell any of the videos you create
  • Import your own vector and bitmap images, videos, sounds and fonts. Collect all your assets in the project library
  • Price lock: Renew after 1st year for $49
  • Over 500,000 royalty-free stock videos, audio, and images
  • 550K stocks = 100K HD video, 200K photos, 250K audio clips (includes loops, sfx and music)
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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