Learn version control and stop playing “File Football” with your code files

If you write code....you know horror stories of accidentally updating wrong versions, or a co-worker changing something without you knowing. Learn how to get around all that.





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You commonly hear this when coding something up.
...or when you accidentally updated something that was outdated on your server.
...or when you accidentally transfer a non-updated version of your file.
...or when your co-worker updated some code without you knowing.

After hours of "finding out what the hell went wrong" you realize that you were working on a non-updated piece of code.


You still don't know how to ALWAYS KEEP YOUR CODE UPDATED WITH GIT??

No matter if it's you coding alone, or coding in a big company, GIT is the answer... aaaand...

...today we fat Sumos have kidnapped Alex Hillman from his Beanstalk Headquarters and will be FORCING him to spill all his GIT secrets.

But why Alex? How is THIS guy gonna teach us Sumos anything??

Alex just happens to be on the team of one the biggest GIT hosting and deployment companies out there. And he knows all the secrets to using GIT for FREE.

We have stolen this information from his head...

...and we are sharing it with all Sumos to watch.

...and if you code at all... this is a MUST-WATCH VIDEO.

It's literally an hour-and-a-half of SOLID ACTIONABLE CONTENT ABOUT VERSION CONTROL.

All B.S. has been ruthlessly removed from these videos.

Here's whatchyou're gonna learn step-by-step:

  • How to get started with GIT
  • How to work in a coding team using version control
  • How to solve common problems when getting started with GIT (watch these videos so you don't make these mistakes)
  • Distributed Control vs. Central Control.
  • How revisions work
  • Explaining file insertions, and deletions
  • Learning how to commit
  • Using "git add"
  • Using "git commit"
  • How to commit quickly
  • Using "Stash"
  • What are logs, and how do you use them?

The course has individual streaming sections so you can jump to whichever section you want.

You can also download the videos or MP3 versions so you can watch access them on a mobile device or iPad-like thingy.

Now if someone could teach you how to stop the endless hours of "File Football" mistakes... how much would that be worth to you?

What if the same person could teach you how to work well with a spread-out coding team right off the bat, reducing lost man-hours and mistakes?

Would it be worth thousands of dollars? Hundreds?

Probably, but today we're selling this course for a STUPID LOW PRICE OF $49.

That's right, but Sumo-ling, get it TODAY because this offer is for a limited time only!

The Chief Control Sumo

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