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My friendly Sumo-ling, every Free Friday we send out an Action Video...and let me clarify:

“Action Video” does NOT mean *pow-chikka-wow-woww* videos!!!

No!  These are actionable-step videos we spend a lot of time & money on to GIVE AWAY to the startup and tech community (cause well....we love u guys)  :-)

This Friday we have Eric Ries of Lean Startup presenting....but here’s why you should point your Sumo-ears at this video (or MP3 if you prefer). 

Eric is normally too busy throwing all these gigantic Lean Startup events all over the country and advising cool startups BLAH BLAH BLAH..... 

Here’s what you need to know:

Eric has the advantage of seeing THOUSANDS of startups.  They all start with bushy-tailed enthusiasm, but often it quickly fades. 

….and often some of them end up failing BIG TIME.  But why?

Maybe because a lot of entrepreneurs use the “Spaghetti Method” of doing a startup:

Spaghetti Method:  Throwing a bunch of spaghetti at a wall and seeing what sticks. 

….this means they’re not properly VALIDATING their ideas.....which happens to be the very first step of the Lean Startup methodology.  This single piece of the video could possibly save you years of time. 
No kidding. 

The video also covers topics like:

  1. Validating Your Idea (I’m repeating this cause it’s so important).
  2. How to optimize your idea
  3. How to identify the right strategy
  4. Lessons learned by trial & error
  5. Actually BUILDING out your idea
  6. What can you do right now?
  7. ….and a lot of other important stuff we don’t have room for here

And all this info is coming from a guy who gets a birds-eye view of thousands of startups....NOT BAD EH!!!

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