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Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

October 25, 2016

Pack your bags, taco lovers, and get all the travel points you could ever need

What if you could fly all around the world using nothing more than travel points and some loose change?

"Yeah right, travel points are a pain in the ass to actually redeem because of all the rules and stipulations."

Well, you're not lying. Banks and airlines make it super difficult to cash-in points for flights.

Fortunately for us, A.J. and Erik, founders of Abroaders, decided on a beach in Asia (with cocktails in hand) that they wanted to help people pursue their travel dreams.

One Year Access to Abroaders Premium

(A few of the places Abroaders has helped people travel to recently.)

Abroaders was created to make sure we all could travel the world at dirt cheap prices.


When we say dirt cheap, we are talking an average of $96/international flight and $11.20/domestic flight. (You couldn't even pay me $11 for a ride on my scooter.)

Start earning your vacation now!

Abroaders takes all of the work out of travel points.

All you have to do is tell Abroaders your travel goals. Then, just spend what you normally would each month (groceries, gas, badass Sumo deals, etc).

Put that lame debit card away and watch the travel points pile up. In 3 to 5 months, you’ll have enough to book a ticket anywhere you want to go.

One Year Access to Abroaders Premium

(oh yeah, did we mention you can do this over and over again?)

Usually, you're paying Abroaders $25/month to be your personal flight concierge. Which is a fantastic if you're able to book even one cheap vacation per year.

But you know us better than that.

Which is why today you're getting a year's membership for only $25!

Potentially saving thousands of dollars on flights for only $25?

What's the catch?

The catch is it doesn't last forever.

Join Abroaders today!

Who is Abroaders perfect for?

The ideal Abroader-er has an above average credit score and spends at least $500/month.

Also, you need to be able to open a credit card in the United States (blame Visa).

(Sorry international Sumos, this one isn’t for you. But don’t worry, the Abroaders guys are definitely planning to bring cheap travel to the rest of the world soon).

Abroaders will help you turn everything you buy each month into valuable travel points and help you book multiple cheap vacations every year!

Here are some of the tools Abroaders offers to help get you around the world:

  • Personalized credit card recommendations for max points (Stop comparing credit cards on Google)

  • Expert flight booking support

  • Access to private forum for all your travel-hacker questions

  • Points tracking & expiration alerts (don't let the companies win by letting points expire)

  • 6+ hours of video tutorials

One Year Access to Abroaders Premium

"But won't this hurt my credit score?"

Absolutely not, as long as you're responsible with the new cards. (No, you don't need that hand-carved Yoda statue.)

In fact, it can actually help build your credit score. Most users see a 20-50 point improvement in the first year alone!

One thing we haven't mentioned: You'll see even bigger discounts flying business or first class. (Bring on the reclining chairs, 8-course meals, champaign, and distance yourself from the peasants.)

One Year Access to Abroaders Premium

(The private travel forum will give you valuable tips and hacks.)

You know you've been itching to travel.

This is the deal that will make your traveling dreams come true!

Get it before it... flies away. (Lol, I need friends.)

Click here to join Abroaders now!


What if I don’t have any travel points or miles?

No problem! Most people start at zero or very few points. Abroaders will guide you every step (except for packing your bags).

I already have travel points. Will Abroaders help me book travel?

Absolutely! You get unlimited support with booking flights for a full year.

I’m not American, will this work?

This offer is only for people that can open a credit card in the U.S. That normally means you need a U.S. address and credit score.

I want to travel in less than 3 months. Can you still help me save?

If you want to leave between 1 and 3 months from now, Abroaders can probably save you about $500 on your next flight. If you want to leave in 30 days or less, Abroaders will make sure you earn points for the next trip.

Click here to join Abroaders now!

One Year Access to Abroaders Premium

  • Personalized credit card recommendations based on your spending, travel goals, and existing credit cards.
  • Personalized points tracking and notifications.
  • Expert advice for every flight including booking support.
  • Access to 6+ hours of video tutorials to get you the best deals on your flights.
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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