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The path to blogger superstardom is publishing guest posts on major blogs, and this online course shows you just how easy it can be.





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Hey, Sumo-ling, let’s do a little SAT test-prep exercise. You know, the kind your teachers made you do back in the day where they set up an analogy to compare words or objects? OK, here we go:

THIS FAT SUMO is to WRANGLIN’ DEALS as ____________ is to BLOGGING.

Give up? OK, here’s the answer. FREDDY KRUEGER.

You look…confused. Alright, lemme back up a little bit.

You already know that creating compelling content is a cornerstone of any successful marketing plan, right? If you’ve got a website that’s selling a product or service, chances are you’re hoping for some search engine love for your best keywords to drive leads and business. And to keep those Google spiders happy when they come to index your site, you’ve gotta feed them looooots of tasty content—stuff that’s relevant, stuff that’s fresh, stuff that’s ripe with internal and external links.

But you already know that—that’s Inbound Marketing 101. And you also know that a great place to churn out that content (and a free one at that—lookin’ at you, frugal small businesses) is a blog.

Great blog content that’s posted regularly and actually provides useful information and real insight is what makes a business blog thrive. But it’s not just enough to write great content for your own blog—you’ve gotta post your writing on other major blogs and piggyback on their ginormous readership and audience engagement.

After all, what good is an amazing blog post on your undeveloped, spanking-new blog if nobody sees it?

Successful blogging takes discipline, inspiration, market-savviness, the right connections, a bit of luck, and A LOT of writing.

...Well, usually.

But not here, not today. ‘Cause there’s a way to write great blog posts, get them published anywhere you want, and get the traffic, reputation, and sales that come with ‘em, WITHOUT even having to be a great writer.

How? Freddy Krueger.

That’s Freddy Krueger, a.k.a. Danny Iny, the founder of Firepole Marketing, and a guy who was just starting out about a year ago with ZERO online reputation, ZERO traffic, and ZERO clout in the blogosphere.

With a few simple, repeatable blogging techniques, he started getting his guest posts published on some really popular blogs, gaining momentum, publishing more guest posts, gaining more momentum, and seeing that momentum transfer to increased traffic to his business.

His posts were getting attention from the likes of:

● Copyblogger

● KISSmetrics

● Smashing Magazine

● And many, many more

…with over 80 posts in all across dozens of major blogs, thousands of comments, and tens of thousands of likes, tweets, and shares. People took notice, started recognizing his name, and started seeing him EVERYWHERE, so much so that one clever dude dubbed him “The Freddy Krueger of Blogging,” ‘cause everywhere you turned, he was there.

Hundreds of people started calling and emailing him, asking for his secrets. They wanted to know how to become such a successful, prolific writer. They wanted to know how to take their blog and translate it into traffic and business.

In short, they wanted to know how to Write Like Freddy.

So Danny took his favorite, most effective, most proven techniques for getting your blog posts to the biggest movers and shakers in the industry and distilled them into…

The Write Like Freddy Training Program

How to Quickly & Easily Write Kick-Ass Blog Posts that People Will Want to Read & Share

This online course isn’t just “write every day and hope something sticks.” It’s Danny’s proven techniques for getting you the same kind of massive exposure with your blog that he had with his, spreading your messages and ideas around the globe. Using his advice, you’ll be able to feel the exhilaration of watching your traffic numbers grow, and experience the awesome (and kinda creepy) feeling of meeting people who already know you from your writing.

With this course, you’ll get 4 training modules over 4 weeks that won’t just teach you HOW to write, they’ll show you all the steps of getting your writing noticed, from choosing a target blog, to coming up with an idea, to writing an epic post, to getting the most mileage out of it and turning it into meaningful results for your business.

Here’s just a taste of what these lessons will cover:

● How to find the very best places to publish your posts (getting tons of traffic, building a solid reputation, and making lots of sales)

● The 3 criteria for deciding whether to post on a blog, or knowing if it’s a waste of time

● How to come up with a winning angle for your post every single time (even if it’s your first time writing for a new audience)

● How to know whether or not your posts will perform well and be shared, before you start writing

● How to write a guest post proposal that’ll get accepted on major blogs, even if you don’t have a relationship with their owners

● How to write a killer headline, even if you aren’t a writer

● How to outline an entire post in under 10 minutes

● How to make sure you don’t run out of ideas, ensuring that your posts are always meaty and compelling

● How to control when a post of yours is published on someone’s blog, so you aren’t left waiting and wondering

● What steps to take after your post has been published to get waaay more mileage out of it

● How your posts can build relationships with the entire blogosphere—not just the writers and blog-owners

…whew, and that’s not even all of it.

For such a compact, easy-to-use course (a few hours per week over 4 weeks), there’s a loooot of meat here, Sumo-ling. You’ll get the course delivered to you via high-quality, pre-recorded videos (along with MP3 audio, PDF slides, and video transcripts, worksheets, and supplementary materials).

And on top of that, you’ll have a direct line to Mr. Freddy Krueger himself for any of your questions and a supportive alumni community to use as a sounding board for ideas and advice.

Another thing about Freddy—he’s super rich. ‘Cause people are signing up for this course in droves. Why? Because it works. It helps pull would-be writers out of their shell and not only write compelling stuff, but teaches them to target it to the best people and piggyback on what the best bloggers are already doing.

Trust me—you need this course, and any price I throw at you would be a deal. But as our SAT analogy told us earlier, this Sumo is about wranglin’ deals. So for a short time, you can get lifetime access to the Write Like Freddy Training Program for the looow price of…

Just $79.

That’s $79 for the 4 video training modules, MP3 audio files, PDF slides, video transcripts, and worksheets, all of which will get you up and running to take over the internet with your writing.

In this day in age, Sumo-ling, content is king. Great writing makes it sing and great exposure makes it dance. Grab this deal now and start building your online content empire today.


The Chief Sumo

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Ruben Gamez Rated 5 out of 5 tacos Rated 5 out of 5 tacos Rated 5 out of 5 tacos Rated 5 out of 5 tacos Rated 5 out of 5 tacos

Was even better than I expected

I bought the deal mainly to help me with my guest posting strategy. I was surprised by how much great info was in the very short amount of time it took to watch it. Seriously good stuff in here.

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