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You're invited to SumoCon

Ayman Al-Abdullah
Ayman Al-Abdullah

July 26, 2016

You know what you need? A weekend to work on your business surrounded by mentors. Lucky for you, here's your invitation

Our goal at AppSumo has always been to help you grow your business.

So we wanted to help you do that in one of the most efficient ways possible: in person.

That's why we wanted to personally invite you to The First Ever SumoCon.

What is SumoCon, you ask?

SumoCon is one weekend to focus on big wins for your business.

From Friday, Sept 9th - Sunday, Sept 11th, experts from all over the world will spend 3 days teaching you tactics you won't learn in any business book.

There won't be any A/B testing button colors here. We'll be focusing on the big wins that will change the trajectory of your business.

Make sure your business is already established before you come. We'll be focused on growing your business, not helping you start one this particular weekend.

To maximize the mentorship, we're limiting this to only 225 guests.

Already in? Click here to reserve your spot.

Who are the experts?

I'm glad you asked. How about:

Get your ticket to sumocon now!

Get your ticket to sumocon now!

Get your ticket to sumocon now!

Get your ticket to sumocon now!

Get your ticket to sumocon now!


Many of these experts charge $1,000's of dollars for just one hour of their time. You get an entire weekend to learn, eat, drink, party and hang out with them at SumoCon!

So how much will this run you?


  • Our first getaway cost $2,500 and sold out in 30 minutes.
  • The following getaway cost $5,000 and sold out in 12 hours
  • Personal time with Noah alone costs $1,000/hour

Other events charge $1,000+ and are open to thousands of people so you get lost in the crowd.

We could've easily charged $2,000+ and probably still sold out.

But for you?

It will only run you $500.

This price also includes all meals (+ tacos!) and drinks ($200+ value, $300 if you're ambitious) so $500 is a an absolute steal.

Click here to reserve your spot.

Please note: We are limiting this event to only 225 people to maximize the amount of mentorship/tacos each guest receives.

Lodging ($129/night) and flights not included. You should be past the "idea stage" to amplify the impact of this weekend.

This weekend will do more good for your business than any book ever could.

We're talking keynotes, tacos, breakout sessions catered for your business (SaaS, bloggers, physical products, freelancers, etc.), lunches and happy hours, cocktail hours, tacos, actionable talks where the CEOs open their Kimono, and did we mention the tacos!

By the time the weekend is done, you will have more actionable insights and lifetime friends then you'll know what to do with.

As if that wasn't enough, we'll be in the heart of Austin, Texas! One of the coolest cities in the world!

Get your ticket to sumocon now!

Get your ticket to sumocon now!

You'll also get to meet our CTO Mixologist Chad, Advanced Russian Negotiator Anton, MIT Super Hacker Eric, Bing Bong the Sumo Dog, and the rest of the sumo crew!

Lastly, we'll be inviting you to a private Facebook group for all speakers and attendees so you can chat, become friends, and get advice before the event even begins!

So what are you waiting for?

We've probably sold a bunch of tickets in the time you've taken to read this!

Quick recap:

  • SumoCon
  • In downtown Austin
  • Friday, Sept 9th - Sunday, Sept 11th, 2016
  • Top speakers and business experts
  • Food and drinks included
  • Only $500

Click here to reserve your spot before this event sells out!

Remember, we're capping this event at only 225 people. Once this sells out, we will NOT be releasing more tickets. Once it's gone - it's gone!

$500  $2,000

Starts In

Access to SumoCon

  • Access to one Sumo-Sized weekend at SumoCon
  • Access to private Facebook group prior to the event.
  • Hosted in Sheraton Downtown Austin (rooms are not included).
  • Affiliates or credits are not allowed for purchase.
  • Food and adult beverages ;-) included.
  • This offer is non-refundable.

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