Three courses to help get you on the path to quitting your job.

Forget going back to school -- feed your inner entrepreneur with this bundle deal of three classics we brought back just for this school year...





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My friend Jason McJobWorker (real story, but fake name).....
Had a very high paying job....
Liked the people he worked with....
And even thought his work was relatively interesting.....

But he confessed to me:

“There’s a tinnnyy bit of “Jason” left in me.....but every single day I go to work, a piece of my soul gets sucked out.”

Holy crap.

I never thought he disliked work so much.

But he explained that he didn’t DIS-LIKE his work, but instead felt there was more he could be doing.

He wanted to run the show.

He wanted to be his own boss.

He wanted to work on his own time.

OK....big fuckin’ deal.

EVERRRRYYYOOONEE wants that. But fast-forward 9 months later, and Jason McJobWorker was self-employed, and quit his job when his “side-income” exceeded his work income.

So how did HE do it....whereas so many (maybe even you) just sit on their asses?

I’ll tell you EXACTLY what Jason McJobWorker did to eventually quit his job:

STEP 1.) He started researching the HELL out of online businesses. He read every blog and article.

STEP 2.) He bought everything he thought could help him (books, online courses, eBooks etc.)

…..and he actually USED them all.

STEP 3.) He started validating a couple of small business ideas. His first two failed.....but since he did small-scale validation tests, it wasn’t a huge deal. His next business blew up and started making him good money.

Once his business demonstrated it could make even more than his current salary, he politely quit his job on good terms (although I personally would’ve done something more memorable like let out a Sumo-fart in my bosses office and super-glue his door shut) ;-)


We’re giving away three top-selling AppSumo deals today that help you start the process of learning to quit your job.

The three deals do this in the following order:

Sumo Business Blueprint = Will teach (and show) you how to validate your business ideas on a small scale....so you don’t waste a buncha time & money on crappy ideas and “wantrepreneur” activities (like buying needless business cards, designing logos, and writing 40-page business plans).

Our best-selling video action kourse teaches you to find the RIGHT businesses to start, validate your ideas, and execute them (we literally show you real examples too):

SECTION 1.) How to find your idea and make sure there's a market (before you start charging down a profit-less road).

SECTION 2.) How to test that idea and start building. We actually START by building and validating a CHIHUAHUA BUSINESS! From scratch. At the end the kourse, this Sumo eats all the Chihuahuas for lunch.

SECTION 3.) Killing the "Wantrepreneur Syndrome" so many people have. We do this through AppSumo-Exclusive interviews with lots of people who are "sooo successful now" ....but weren't always like that (and how you can change your mindset too).

Copy Hackers 4 eBook Bundle = These are 4 eBooks on copywriting.....one of the most essential-of-all skills in business (Jason Fried of 37 Signals says, “We first design a webpage by WRITING it....NOT by designing it.”). These 4 eBooks are only about 10-18 pages each.....and straight to the damn point. No fluff, and no bloat. Just learning.

(see more details here)

This is a world-class copywriting education in one low-priced package:

Book 1: Where Stellar Messages Come From.

Book 2: Formatting & the Essentials of Web Writing.

Book 3: Headlines, Subheads, & Value Propositions.

Book 4: Buttons & Click-Worthy Calls to Action.

Holistic Learning = This sounds like some hippy crap.....but these three eBooks Scott Young is giving you will help break your “working-bee mentality”.

Thinking Outside the Cubicle (break out of the 9-5 mindset, nuke your procrastination and achieve more with fewer working hours).

How to Change A Habit (detailed approach to changing habits, illustrating the simple techniques used in the past to start exercising regularly, overhaul diets and triple productivity!)

99 productivity ideas, broken down into simple action steps you can apply immediately

So here’s the math on these course:
Sumo Business Blueprint: Normally $199
Copy Hackers Bundle: Normally $55
Holistic Learning Bundle: Normally $57
Total price: $311

Honestly, that’s not a bad price if you’re trying to set down the road of work freedom.

BUT....since this is LABOR DAY, and we’re trying to save you from a life of shitty LABOR.....we’re reducing the price to $87 for ALL THREE through Sept. 3rd! (72% discount)!

That’s like you getting to cop-a-feel of my Sumo butt and I’m not even charging you.

SO, if this Labor Day you wanna start down the road of starting a side-business and eventually quitting your job......this is one helluva a great starting point Young Sumo-ling.

Seeya inside.


The Chief “Gonna-eat-12-full-cows-on-Labor-Day” Sumo

P.S. That story about “Jason McJobWorker” is actually real (except for the name has been changed). Pretty inspiring eh?

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Nice and friendly

It appears nice even if I've seen just a mere 20% of it.
I'll review this feedback once completed.

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