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The 4-Hour Chef launches and we got exclusives for you

Noah Kagan
Noah Kagan

November 20, 2012

Tim Ferriss' new book is out today and this hungry Sumo is happy

Last night I made Russian Borscht, home made almond milk and some balsamic brussel sprouts. Yum.

Afterwards I snuggled up with my early copy of The 4-Hour Chef by my friend Tim Ferriss.

It's 671 pages and 3.71 pounds of pure beef, err I mean "meat."

Lately, I've been on a cooking binge and this book could not have come at a better time.

It's 1/2 healthy & unique recipes, 1/2 how to learn anything quicker and 1/2 awesome hacks to improve your life. Yes, 150%.

This latest book launches today and I wanted to make sure y'all heard about it.

I've read about 1/8 of my early copy of the book (hey, it's really long). Here's a few things I already like:

  • Making the best jerky in the world.
  • David Blaine's Morning Juice.
  • A breakdown of all the fancy kitchen lingo you never understood before.
  • How to start a fire (I was impressed by this and I'm an Eagle Scout).
  • How to memorize a deck of cards in 43 seconds, the nine knots you must know and the essential spices/kitchen tools you actually need.

If you dislike cooking, this is a great book to improve your learning skills or impress house guests on your coffee table. Otherwise, you can use this book as your weights for the exercises in The 4-Hour Body.

For the Sumo-lings out there that know NOTHING about cooking this will be your bible. For others this will provide you really neat hacks for your cooking arsenal.

I'm a bit surprised The 4 Hour Chef is only $21 with free shipping from Amazon Prime.

I'm proud of Tim and 99.4% confident this new book will also be a best seller.

Since Tim loves all things Japanese and Sumo related, he gave us 2 exclusive chapters:

  1. An inside look at Google Chefs: A behind the scenes of who's who in Google cooking, their favorite cook books and interesting insight into Google's food culture.
  2. A chapter on the effect of Frequency for quicker learning: A detailed example how to learn Spanish in a short amount of time, optimal ways to nap and a complete culinary school training in 48 hours.

These are exclusive to AppSumo, meaning you can't grab these munchies anywhere else. It's also cool since they are in edited format so you can see what a book looks like before it goes to print.

So get your free bonuses and leave a comment with your favorite recipe to make. We can share!


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The 4 Hour Chef AppSumo Bonuses

  • 21-page pdf inside look at Google Chefs
  • 25-page pdf on the effect of Frequency for quicker learning

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