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15 Awesome Tools You've Never Heard Of ...

Anton Sepetov
Anton Sepetov

July 1, 2014

Some of our favorite not-so-well-known tools that you should be using

One of my favorite things EVER is finding a super-useful and awesome tool that I had never heard of before.

Recently, I've been going to Product Hunt to find the latest and coolest tools.

Today we've teamed up with them to show you 15 awesome tools you've probably never heard of.

With each tool, we've included a pro-tip to help you out. Enjoy:

1. Teach Yourself to Code


Why this is awesome: Learning to code is important. But nobody tells you how damn hard it is to find the right place to start.

With Teach Yourself to Code, you can find the top tutorials recommended by programmers.

Teach Yourself to Code

Pro-tip: Start out with the freebies and find out where you're going first before you open your wallet.

2. Stache


Why this is awesome: Bookmark web pages on your Mac or iPhone in a visual and searchable library. Easily see what you've bookmarked and view it offline!


Pro-tip: Download the Safari or Chrome extension to quickly bookmark things with a single click.

3. Assitant.to


Why this is awesome: Makes scheduling meetings SUPER easy, all in your email.


Pro-tip: Just set the location as TBD so there's nothing stopping the person from booking the appointment. Figure out the location later :-)

4. Onword


Why this is awesome: Focus on writing without any distractions. No formatting. No toolbars. No folders, file formats, or compatibility problems.

Pro-tip: Use Onword to create public viewable documents. For example, when you want to share something you've written the doesn't really fit on your blog.

5. Oozled


Why this is awesome: A beautiful collection of online design resources.


Pro-tip: Create your own list of tools to share with others.

6. Three Cents


Why this is awesome: iPhone app to create polls and gather opinions from anyone.

Three Cents App

Pro-tip: Don't know what to watch on Netflix? Use Three Cents and ask your friends!

7. Yo


Why this is awesome: Say "Yo" to your friends :-)


Pro-tip: Use Yo to quickly ping someone to come to a meeting.

8. Recordit


Why this is awesome: Record screencasts super fast, and for FREE.

Pro-tip: Show off new features of your product by making a quick GIF.

9. Hemingway


Why this is awesome: This tool points out parts of your writing you might want to fix: complex sentences, tricky diction, passive voice, and adverbs, for clean, clear and concise writing.


Pro-tip: Use Hemingway for your next blog post to make sure it's easy to read :-)

10. OneTab


Why this is awesome: Keep tabs organized (in a list) without keeping them open.


Pro-tip: Organize your work on different projects by grouping together certain bookmarks.

11. Super.cc


Why this is awesome: Add things to your calendar with just an email.

Pro-tip: Set filters in Gmail to auto-forward common event emails you get (like weekly meetings or sports games) to add@super.cc and never have to worry about putting them on your calendar at all.

12. Similar Web


Why this is awesome: Discover useful traffic information about any websites you visit, as you browse.

Pro-tip: Use SimilarWeb to get a better understanding of prospective clients/customers and impress them when you approach them.

13. InstaNerd


Why this is awesome: Cool facts to help you get smart, instantly.


Pro-tip: Use the facts you learn from InstaNerd to impress your next date ;-)

14. Go F*%(ing Do It


Why this is awesome: It'll track your goals. If you fail, it'll charge you money—a penalty you decide.

Pro-tip: Use this for the stuff you REALLY don't like doing (but have to). The penalty will motivate you to get it done.

15. FiveStar


Why this is awesome: Finds the best Amazon product in a domain, by price bracket.


Pro-tip: Use FiveStar the next time you're buying a gift for someone to ensure it's the best thing you can get for your money.

Your turn ...

What are YOUR favorite tools that don't get enough love? Comment below and let us know!